Graduation Requirements
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade
English Language Arts
(4 credits)
Survey Literature
American Literature
British Literature
World Literature
AP English Literature and Comp.
AP English Language and Comp.
AP World Literature
(Or choice of independent study from IVHS)
(3 credits)
Environmental Science
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
(Or choice of Independent Study from IVHS)
(3 credits)
Algebra I
Algebra II
AP Calculus
AP Statistics
(Or choice of Independent Study from IVHS)
Social Studies
(3 credits)
World Studies
US History
US Govenment & Politics/
Consumer Economics
African American History
World History
AP US History
AP Government & Politics
AP Economics
(Or choice of independent Study from IVHS)
Physical Education
(2 credits)
Physical Health/Health
Physical Education/
Drivers Education
World Language (2 credits)
World Language Choice I
World Language Choice II
World Language Choice III or AP World Language
College Prep (2 credits)
High School Transition (Freshman Academy)
ACT Prep
Fine Arts (1 credit)
Art I
Art History
(Choice of independent study from IVHS)
Music (1 credit)
Music Appreciation
Electives (3 credits)
Reading Essentials/Critical Reading
and Effective Writing
(Choice of independent study from IVHS)
(Choice of independent study from IVHS)
Service Learning Hours
10 hours
10 hours
(students must have 10 Service Learning Hours to be considered a Junior)
10 hours
10 hours