Bell Schedule
Regular Day Bell Schedule (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.)
Student Arrival/ Breakfast
7:15 - 7:40
1st Period
7:45 - 8:40
2nd/ 3rd  Period
8:43 - 10:23
10:26 - 10:51
Resource Period
11:54 - 11:19
5th/ 6th Period
11:22 - 1:02
7th/ 8th Period
1:05 - 2:45
Daily Check-In
2:48 - 2:58
Student Dismissal

Restructured Day Schedule (Wed.)
Student Arrival/ Breakfast
7:15 - 7:35
Division/ Advisory
7:45 - 7:55
*Resource/ Remediation A
7:58 - 8:58
**Northwestern U. Project
9:01 - 10:31
10:36 - 11:04
*Resource/ Remediation B
11:07 - 12:07
*Daily Check-In
12:10 - 12:20
Student Dismissal

IMPORTANT NOTE - All information regarding bell schedules and class times is tentative and subject to change before the start of school in September
Daily Check-In - For their last “period” of the day, VOISE students will go back to their division/ advisory teacher for their daily exit check in. During this brief end of the day advisory period VOISE teachers will touch base with students before they leave for the day. Teachers will have access to every student’s progress, so this will give teachers and students a chance to ensure they have the necessary materials to complete the day’s homework. VOISE students will have the chance to discuss the day’s events with a teacher, instead of leaving immediately following their last class.
*Resource/ Remediation A & B - Using data from these assessments and our own data provided by the APEX Curriculum, we will be able to determine where each student needs additional help. Students will attend two resource periods. As a team we will analyze what students need extra “tutor” or “remediation” and then they will be scheduled to attend those two classes for an hour each on the Wednesday restructured days.
**Northwestern University Collaboratory Project - In between their Resource Periods, students are working on the yearlong, school-wide interdisciplinary project. They are working in their Project Teams, which may be housed in different areas of the building. (The teacher and) Students have already been introduced to the project and have discussed the current events surrounding Chicago’s desire to host the Olympics. This project will be facilitated through a partnership with Northwestern University's Collaboratory.